with online booking service
for doctors and clinics

More than 3 Mio. appointments

2012 marks the 10th anniversary of Mednanny serving doctors and clinics as the market leading solution for professional ressource planning and online booking.

Reduce effort up to 70%

As a central online-platform for medical appointment booking, Mednanny helps doctors and clinics optimize their management, save time and offer innovative, first-class service to their patients.

Resource management

Smart management of ressources (doctors, employees, rooms, devices, et al.) means success at the core for doctors and clinics. With mednanny clients benefit from a „state-of-the-art“ solution in ressource management. Mednanny incorporates many useful, powerful and field-tested functions, that have been developed in over 10 years with a view to ease-of-use and based on the „best-practice“-experience of thousands of doctors.

Booking with a click

Mednanny is much more than just a secure, electronic calendar system – it is a systemic way of thinking. Service, simplification und innovation are at the forefront, i.e. by time-saving functions to find free time-slots with a single click, very useful at the reception as well as to integrate call-centers.

Online appointment booking,
referrals and recall

The internet opens new possibilities to make processes lean and simple. Using Mednanny, doctors offer online booking to their patients (i.e. on their homepage), referrals to collegues and individual patient service, by reminding via e-mail or mobile.

Services für mobile devices

Smartphones and tablets are widely popular for managing apppointments. With Mednanny doctors have secure access to their calendar with a user interface developed specifically for efficient use on mobile devices. Additionally doctors can supply their patients with an app, that delivers news of the doctor or clinic, reminds on appointments and recurring dates and allows easy appointment booking.

Organize your appointments with ease!